What Was The Main Cause Of The Civil War Essay

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McPherson said that "…many Civil War soldiers felt a profound and passionate commitment to the ideological purposes for which they fought." Almost near the end of the Civil War, Americans began to look for answers on why did the soldiers fought for. It is hard to separate individual causes of the war because the years preparing the way to the war were described by raising warfare over a set of economic and political disputes between the Northern and Southern states. Because the result of the war made dramatic changes to the southern way of living, it is simple to think that the main cause of the war was disagreement over slavery. Actually, disagreement between the North and South over states' rights and taxes was a more important cause of the Civil War than were differing views about slavery. Many soldiers did not fight for the purpose of abolishing or supporting slavery. There are stories of Union soldiers abandoning the war because they did not want to fight an abolitionist war. In the North, many soldiers fought because they believed slavery was wrong, but more fought because they needed the money or…show more content…
Hundreds of thousands of men enlisted themselves to fight when the war begun in 1861. From both the North and the South, these men fought by choice for various reasons. In spite of the fact that these men had various motives varying from "profound and passionate commitment to the ideological purposes", the men from both sides mentioned the same reasons. Union soldiers were fighting to save the Union from those states who had illegally seceded. Confederate soldiers are fighting to protect the South's right to live with slave institutions. Both sides show patriotic feelings for the purpose of being of service to their government, though their faithfulness were very
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