Slavery as a Cause of the Civil War

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SLAVERY AS A CAUSE OF THE CIVIL WAR There is no doubt that the civil war was the most brutal battle fought on American soil between the years of 1861 to 1865. The Union and Confederate states had many differences between them, which resulted in the Civil war including from the issue of the South and State Rights, to the issue of national unity and westward expansion. Although one of the most controversial causes of the civil war was the issue of slavery. It was the reason that many historians believe as to why the civil war broke out in the first place. The South were all for slavery: * Slaves would work on the cotton and tobacco plantations in the south, working the land. * It was their cornerstone for all their business and wealth in the Southern States. * Without slavery, they feared that they would lose all aspects of their income and in-turn lose the ‘power’ that they had. * The creation of the cotton gin increased the demand for slavery as more and more production of cotton was in demand. This in-turn upsetted the North. The North were against slavery: * Thought that slavery would threaten their values and sense of worth ethic. * Valued equality. * Couldn’t compete with slave labour and wanted a tariff on imported goods. (As the south was mainly agricultural, they heavily relied on imported goods that they couldn’t produce themselves) Missouri Compromise. * Was the first serious dispute between the North and South over the issue of slavery. * Concerns between the North and South involving new states were laid to rest with compromises that were meant to make each side happy. * Out of this came the Missouri compromise. * This was when Missouri (slave state) wished to enter the Union. * This in-turn meant that there were now equal free states and slave states, making it a deadlock for issues over
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