Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Civil War

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Karim 1 Kye Karim History 120 What advantages and disadvantages did each side of have when the Civil War began? The American civil war was huge and it was between the North and the South of the country mainly over human rights issues and the way people were being treated in the south. Things in the South of the country were getting so bad that the push from the majority in the north grew so much that they had to do something to help free people. The larger numbers were by far in the north which would them well for going to war but down in the south they were fighting for what they believed in which would also push them in battle, I’m going to look at how different advantages and disadvantages played out over the war to help one side win. The Civil War went on for four years between 1861 and 1865, looking in from the off set the north of the country was the strongest side by far and completely geared and prepared to go into major conflict. The North was a complete democracy with the guidance of President Lincoln. It was much more developed and a region with towns vast towns harvesting strong industrial businesses that were very successful and growing all the time. The way that the north was much more…show more content…
The numbers and money of the north gave the power in advantages they needed to give the stronger army. The few advantages that the south had helped them in the first part of the war but they didn’t have enough to help them out over the years, meaning they eventually lost. The success of the war changed the country and liberating millions of black people. Despite the great success of the war it took many years for the south to really change its views and even though now thing are so different there is still a lot of pain amongst white people down there that has filtered down through
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