How Did World War 2 Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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Before World War 2 the world accepted racism as being normal, empires being necessary, and inequalities being brought about by accident of birth. These were facts of life and no one ever could have thought something should be done about it. Everything was very racially indifferent and the world was known to be a hateful place. The Holocaust had brought those feelings that a lot of people had, into the light of day. After the Civil War the abolishment of slaved black Americans had an uphill battle that would, and in many ways, continue to this day. At the earliest period of time the rise of the KKK and Jim Crow laws attempted to marginalize the newly freed black population with open violence and little justice coming from the law. A sense of hopelessness griped many in the black…show more content…
It threw many people together from various backgrounds who might not have met if not for the war.- Working class and middle class, black and white, different religions and ethnic groups. The African Americans fought in the war for their country and believed that their contribution to the war should get them recognized as American citizens. They were recognized as heroes, but couldn’t be served in restaurants back home. In the UK, it is popularly believed that for the first time, wealthy middle class country dwellers actually got to see the state of poor town children who were evacuated out of the town because of threat of bombing. Women, also, had been forced to do former men's work: munitions, farming, factory work etc. These women were paid less than the semi- skilled men they often replaced, worked hours generally as long, and had little time for being housewives, mothers etc. A lot like our last paper, these women wanted the careers, jobs, and pay as the man got. Working on a production line wasn't a "career" for the men who did it, no more than working on the checkout at the local superstore at the
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