Advantages Of The American Civil War

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THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR D C 101 I003 Dr 26 February 2012 The American civil war took place from 1861 to 1865. This bloody war took more American lives than any other war in history. The two sides who fought the war were the North and the South. The civil war had many causes, but the two major issues were slavery and the election of Abraham Lincoln. Many people lost their lives, but at the end, the war freed and abolished slavery in the United States. Slavery was…show more content…
The North had more people, money, factories, and railroads. The Northern troops were equipped with better arms, munitions, and supplies. The South had experienced military generals, they had physically fit soldiers, strong from working on farms, and also the battles were on the Southern soil. The North had a population of 22.5 million, and the South had about 9 million people, including 4 million were slaves8. The war produced more than 970,000 casualties, and 620,000 soldiers died. Even though all these soldiers died, “260,000 from the South and 360,000 from the North”9 were worth it, because four million slaves freed by the war. On January 1, 1863, the emancipation proclamation order issued by President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the freedom of slaves; however, the thirteenth amendment of the constitution end slavery completely in the United States.10 In the end, the civil war was very devastating. Many citizens died in this war than any other war in American history. The two causes of the civil war were slavery and Abraham Lincoln. Slavery was very big in the South because it helped them with their economy, but the North was completely against slavery. The North and South could not compromise with their issues, and the Election of Abraham Lincoln turned everything sour and led to the civil war. Although, the war was very deadly, at the end, the North side managed to get what they always wanted, this was to abolish
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