How Critical Was the Civil War to Our Nation

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How Critical The Civil War Was To Our Nation By Chris Edwards What is a defining moment? It is when something or someone is truly tested, the critical point in their lives. Abraham Lincoln said, ”Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.” The Civil War is a defining moment because all of American history had been leading up to that war and it decided the fate of our nation. The causes of the Civil War can be traced back through all of American history. This means that since we set foot in America, history had been building up to that moment. In the Civil War, the U.S. was divided into two sections-industrial and agricultural. Earlier in American history, the U.S. was divided into three sections: New England, Middle and Southern Colonies with similar characteristics to the industrial north and agricultural south. This division in the Civil War is not entirely human kind’s fault. The landscape is very different in these areas, so even before we arrived, the division of industry was already set in stone. Triangular trade is another cause of the Civil War. This involved the trade of slaves to the southern colonies and slavery was a big cause of the Civil War. This also occurred farther back in American history. The Civil War’s causes can be traced back for years and all of U.S. history had been building up to that war. Though the Civil War happened 145 years ago, that doesn’t mean we still aren’t feeling the effects today. Slavery was one issue resolved in the Civil War. Who knows where we would be right now had it not been abolished by the Civil War. We might still be fighting for the rights of African Americans. During the war the country was divided into two, but it was reunited afterwards. If it wasn’t for the war, we might be 50 different countries. The Civil War also
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