What Is Good Writing

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Today, believe it or not, many people read a lot thanks to the internet, the newspaper, and the ever-advancing gadgets released on the market year by year. News, articles, books, short stories, information, every single bit of information is read by millions on users all around the world. Obviously, the texts in articles or news must have an excellent writing. A good writing can be identified when the reader gets attached to the text and understands every bit of information given. It also means that the information is correctly arranged and properly mentioned in the text, meaning that certain information is introduced before being analyzed, etc. Why is having a good writing important? The main goal of writing is to communicate a piece of information correctly. How can we achieve that? Making sure we use proper grammar, use a correct use of main sentences and supporting sentences and always using a flow of information that works fluently for the reader to understand while reading. A good writing must also have information from various sources, if available, and must have a definite point. If any of these should be missed or lack the proper objectives, the information written on the article will most likely be misunderstood or not at all. For example, an article missing of a proper language is in danger of not being taken seriously. If that same article has a proper language but lacks correct grammar, the article will look extremely unprofessional having the exact same conclusion as the previous situation. What would happen if the article written is not ordered properly? Well, it’s pretty simple, the reader would start reading a sentence and notice the next paragraph has way more information than the last one, noticing certain terms were not even introduced before. As long as the information is not ordered correctly, the reader will end with more doubt than fact at
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