Explain The Four Different Methods Of Communication

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Task A Ai: Describe four different methods of communication. Health care workers come into contact with people who may be vulnerable in one way or another, communication skills provide an essential tool that care workers can use to meet the needs of vulnerable people, it is also vitally important to work with other professionals, relatives and other agencies involved within adult social services. There are four main methods of communication and these are described below. Verbal communication – this method uses words to present ideas, thoughts and feelings. Good verbal communication is the ability to both explain/present spoken words clearly and to also have the ability to listen carefully to what others are saying in order to prepare your response. Non-verbal communication…show more content…
Therefore if/when their behaviour/reactions change or differ from the norm you will be able to notice straight away and explore what or whether there is a problem that needs addressing. Aiv: Explain why it is important to find out about an individual’s: A: Communication and language needs: It is important to remember that not everybody communicates in the same way and also you need to make sure you are able to communicate effectively with the individual’s you support in the best way for them. First you must recognise that each individual is unique; therefore there will be differences and influencing factors in the way each person communicates. Influencing factors that may affect the way an individual communicates are: Cultural differences Acknowledging and responding to the cultural aspects of an individual’s identity and care needs are likely to enhance communication. By finding out about a person’s cultural background will give you an insight as to the best way to communicate with them. Language
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