Essay On Horse Slaughter

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Starlight 1 My suggestion to you, Jasmine, is that you need to EDUCATE yourself about horse slaughter in different parts of the world before you try to write anything of your own. You need to do some personal research of your own, and learn about the different methods used, where it is done, what the legalities and ethical considerations are, what alternatives are available in different countries where slaughter is legal, what happens when slaughter is ILLEGAL in a given country ( the way it is here in the States) who buys the finished products ( eg, the horse meat), if there is a black market and if so, then where it is and who is involved, and so forth. It would be good to talk to professionals who are either directly involved in the slaughter…show more content…
It's imperative that you LEARN about it and state real facts in your writing, especially if you plan on publishing anything. It's also important to present BOTH sides of the issue, and to write a balanced, fair article. That's why I've made the suggestion I did. Learning all this information will help you get your message across. It's not enough to just express your personal opinion in an article or essay like this- you have to back it up with solid, researchable, verifiable FACTS. If you are against horse slaughter, then you need to state some valid reasons WHY you feel as you do- and they need to be based on more than just emotion. We all have strong feelings about things, but there are times when emotions need to be kept in check. In addition to stating why you feel as you do, I would provide the readers with alternatives to slaughter, and discuss the pros and cons of each one. You can also talk about the legalities and ethical considerations, and I would make sure to touch on the financial side of the issue as well. One last note: Make sure that you remember to NAME your sources when you submit the final draft. This is especially important if you want to avoid problems with plaigerism. Material which has been written or published by other people is protected by copyright law in most cases, and by intellectual
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