Microwave Popcorn Case Study

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A. Project Design Plan Problem Statement: Does generic store brand microwave popcorn have more or less popped kernels than name brand microwave popcorn? Microwave popcorn is a snack that most consumers have in their home. This experiment will help determine which brand of microwave popcorn is better in value of popped kernels versus un-popped kernels. In the experiment four brands of microwave popcorn will be tested; Orville Redenbacher, Act II, Pop Secret, and the generic store brand (Kroger). Once the experiment is finished, it will be evident which brand had the most popped kernels. Literature Review There are two experiments I found that are similar to this one. There were some differences in the testing methods and some of the brands…show more content…
The independent variable used is the brand of popcorn, and the dependent variable is the percentage of popped kernels per brand of popcorn. Threat Reduction to Internal Validity Threats to the internal validity are anything other than the independent variable that may have an affect on the outcome of the dependent variable in an experiment. In order to reduce the threat to internal validity I used the following steps to maintain the experiment: * I popped three bags of each brand for consistency * I waited 5 minutes between each bag to eliminate over heating * I used the same microwave * I used the same cooking time * I used the same cooking

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