Popcorn Experiment Essay

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Pop corn is used as snack. It is a corn type that when heated it puffs up. It is the most favorite snack liked by almost all the members of family and is enjoyed anytime but mostly while watching TV or in cinemas. It is a healthy snack as it contains carbohydrates and is a source of fiber. It comes in two major varieties buttered and unbuttered but comes in many different flavors, salty, caramel, white cheddar etc. The evidence of popcorn is been found in Peru as early as 4700 BC. In 16th and 17th century the Native Americans brought the popcorn with them to America. Now there are many brands that market microwave popcorns, they come in boxes with individual paper packages wrapped in plastic, to pop the popcorn the plastic is removed and the paper bag containing the corn is kept in the microwave for certain time to pop up the kernel. Since popcorn is one of the top snacks consumed in America it is important to know which brand popcorns pops the most, considering the fact that there are expensive brands and inexpensive brand and its the perception that expensive brand popcorns will pop the most. The following experiment is conducted to determine which brand of popcorn will yield the most kernels popped then un-popped. Problem Statement Do all the brands pop the same amount of kernels or different brands yield different amount of popped and un-popped popcorn?. This experiment will show the brand that yields the most popped kernels. Relevance to the question Many different expensive and inexpensive brands might have different rate of kernels being popped and un-popped. But all these brands use marketing strategies to catch the attention of consumers, also people's perception about original brands is that it will deliver what it says and about generic brands is that it will be low in quality then original brand. The following study will help

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