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Int Task 3 Un-popped Popcorn Kernels A. Project Plan I will be conducting an experiment to determine which brand of microwave popcorn leaves the least amount of un-popped popcorn kernels. Problem Statement I will separate the popped kernels from the up-popped kernels and count the un-popped kernels in each bag of microwave popcorn. The independent variable will be the different brands of microwave popcorn. The dependant variable will be the amount of un-popped kernels left over. Relevance of Testable Question This experiment is relevant because in this economy everyone want to know that they are getting the absolute best value for each purchase that they make. If a bag of popcorn appears cheaper at first look because of the price, but half of it doesn’t pop is it really a good value? Knowing what will provide the best value will help others with future purchases to get the most value. Literature Review I chose two experiments that were similar to the one that I plan to conduct. The first was conducted by Sean Boyd in 2012. Sean’s experiment is similar to the one that I plan to do. He chose multiple brands of popcorn and popped each one for a specific time period. He compared Aldi, Act II, Orville Redenbacher, Jolly time and Pop-Secret brands. He used the same type of popcorn to remove a variable that could occur by using a light butter type as opposed to an extra butter type. Finally, he popped each bag for the same amount of time, two minutes and fifteen seconds. Once all of the bags were popped he counted the un-popped kernels and averaged them together to get his results. He repeated his process three times for each brand of popcorn. (Boyd, 2012) The second experiment was conducted by zabr-kmst2 in 2012. He selected several different popcorn brands like the first experiment. He used Pop Secret, Smart Balance, Orville Redenbacher and Newman’s Own.

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