Biologically Important Molecules

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Objective: To analyze each solution in order to determine if organic compounds; carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids are present. Hypothesis: If reactions have occurred once each agent has been applied then, this will show weather carbohydrates, proteins or lipids are present. Abstract: My experiment was based on analyzing the following organic compounds: Carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. During my analysis I ran test to gather information containing different color reactions using Benedicts test for reducing sugars, Iodine test for starch, the Biuret test for protein, and the Sudan IV test/Grease Spot test for lipids. After testing the following solutions: onion juice, potato juice, sucrose solution, egg albumen, honey, amino acid solution, distilled water, protein solution, salad oil, known lipid solution, and the unknown solution (3), here’s what I concluded: While some solutions have no reaction to the agent being applied, some color reactions have occurred, hereby leaving me to assume that that carbohydrates, proteins and lipids are present. Page 2 Introduction: My first test was for reducing sugars and citing starch using Benedicts Reagent and the Iodine Test for starch. During this test I used 10 drops of the onion juice solution, 10 drops of the glucose solution, 10 drops of distilled water, 10 drops of the glucose solution, 10 drops of the reducing sugar solution, and 5 drops of the unknown solution (3) with 5 drops of the Benedicts Reagent (mixed). The same procedure was done with the Iodine test for starch (except using iodine).My second test was for protein using the Buiret Test. During this test I used 2mL of Egg Albumen solution, 2mL of honey solution, 2mL of the protein solution, 5 drops of the unknown solution (3), and 3 drops of Biuret reagent to each solution. My third and final test was for Lipids

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