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Marketing Manager of the Best Cookie Leah Lawson Bus 330: Principles of Marketing Theodore Framan August 03, 2015 Marketing Manager In the assignment I am taking on a new job and with that new job comes a choice which is to select a product (good or service) that is sold in the United States and has an opportunity to be sold in a foreign market. I will be accepting a new job as a marketing manager for the best cookie ever THE OREO. Oreo’s are the world’s favorite cookie. The assignment is going to make me use critical thinking skills and the knowledge that I have gained throughout the course to market the product that I have chosen. What is a product? Product means a bundle of attributes (features, functions, benefits, and uses)…show more content…
Everyone has grown up with American’s favorite the Oreo, we all have different ways to eating them. For example like dunking them into milk or twisting off one side and eating the creaming icing from inside or better yet dunking them into peanut butter (which is the best thing ever, in my opinion). Since the introduction on March 6, 1912 the Oreo cookies has become the bestselling cookie in the Unites States (Rosenberg, n.d.). Since then there has been close to 370 billon cookies sold which best is known as “best-selling” cookie. Making it the best-selling cookie of the twentieth century (Rosenberg, n.d.). The cookie has so many different looks from the double stuffed, fudge covered, to the holiday looks and the new thin Oreo’s. The first cookie was sold in Hoboken, New Jersey. The packaging of the cookies then were a bulk tin, which was sold by the weight. So how did the Oreo get it name? Well there are many different reason some people think it was taken from the French word that means gold “or” or some people think it is from a Greek mountain “Oreo” or simply combining the “re” for the “cream” and placing in between the two “o’s” in “chocolate making the word “o-re-o” (Rosenberg, n.d.).The cookie has many different slogans throughout the years here they are. In 1950 it was “OH! OH! Oreo!” In 1990 it was the Oreo, The original Twister. In 2004 It was the Milks Favorite Cookie! (oreo fun and facts,

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