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Food If a textfile's about something that's edible, it's probably here. Here are files with instructions on how to make really great food, or which purport to give you in side scoop on secret food information (like the original Coke formula). There are also files about making drinks, which got to be pretty popular as a lot of users reached drinking age (or at least an age when they started drinking). Believe it or not, I'd warn again mixing the drinks or recipes in this section unless you know what you're doing; after all, this is stuff you're putting into YOURSELF, or your friends. Caveat Gourmet. Filename Size Description of the Textfile 1st_aid.txt 2395 The Herbalist First Aid Kit acetab1.txt 3164 Acetaminophen:…show more content…
capital.txt 1508 RECIPE: Capitol Punishment Chili caramels.des 779 RECIPE: Carmel Candies (Wertherlike) cereal.txt 5380 Cereals: What the Label Doesn't Tell You chickens.txt 3299 How to Kill Chickens chili.txt 40391 A Collection of Chili Recipes chinese.txt 2756 Chinese Checkers! (Chinese Herbalists) choco-ch.ips 2003 The Authentic Mrs. Fields Cookies! cmu.share 5368 Sharing How Great a Home Cooked Meal Is coffee.faq 75425 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee and Caffeine (December 16, 1995) coke.fun 2337 How to Make Coca-Cola by The Penguin coke.txt 1515 Lee Williams reveals the secret Coca-Cola Formula! coke1 4831 Another make-your-own-coke. Remember how well new Coke flew? coke_fan.naz 2900 The Story of Coke, Fanta, and the Nazis from Kristy cokeform.txt 3049 Is it Coke? 84-year Old claims to have original Coke Formula coladrik.fun 3942 Summary of the major cola players at the time coladrik.txt 4988 The Cola Guide for the 1980's cookberk 3112 How to Cook a Berkeley Student by the Wharf Rat (June 1, 1988) cookbkly.how
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