Natural Food Ingredient Comparison

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Wren 1 G Wren Professor Savage English 100 22 April 2011 “Fresh Homemade Natural Foods Verses Prepackaged Processed Food-like Substances” This three page essay explains how one would compare natural food ingredients verses artificial, prepackaged processed food like substances and how they are both created and prepared. For example, the healthier more natural meals are most likely prepared in a conventional or convection oven and/or stove top burners in pots, pans, skillets or bake ware at temperatures above 300* degrees Fahrenheit in cooking temperature. Meanwhile, it is the microwave oven that serves a better purpose for the prepackaged foods on the go. These packaged foods like substances are sold in the inner isle of the grocery stores and can also be found in the frozen food sections as well. The more natural meals are prepped and prepared in a kitchen with fresh ingredients and can take up to an hour or more to complete the entire meal. While on the other hand, it is quite easy to grab a frozen burrito or “Hot Pocket” and place into the microwave oven for one minute-thirty seconds, and “woo-la” instant gratification. In the meantime, there is a wholesome meal with natural ingredients just waiting to be devoured within the hour of preparation. Comparably in the same amount of time it would take one to get in a car, drive several blocks, wait in line via a drive-through window from a fast food restaurant, would take the same efforts in simply prepping the fresh ingredients for a home cooked meal. So it is no wonder why most people would prefer a drive thru meal at Wendy’s, McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and/or Del Taco because the food is Wren 2 already prepared and would only take minutes compared to the hours one would devote making healthier foods for oneself. However, occasionally there are times when a family will actually share a

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