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Nutrition Label Assignment NTR 100 Due: September 10th This assignment will help in the understanding of the information on the nutritional label of foods and beverages. Select a food or beverage. You may not select a "nutritional supplement type food or beverage (example a Power Bar or Monster Drink). You may not select a simplified item like sugar, bottled water, a can of soda or cooking oil. Your food must contain at least two macronutrients. Students who choose foods that are not allowed will automatically lose 45 points on this assignment. Examples of foods that could be used for this assignment include: a Snickers bar, Kelloggs Frosted Flakes, Orowheat 12 Grain Bread, Foster Farms Shaved Turkey, Doritos or 2% milk. Review the…show more content…
If I cannot read your answer you will receive 0 points for the question. 1. Name your food or beverage (1 point): • Fiber One with Honey Clusters Cereal 2. List calories per serving and number of servings per container (2 points) 3. List calories from fat. List grams PER SERVING of carbohydrate, protein, fat & fiber. Do not just list numbers here. Please specify your answers (8 points). • It contains 15 calories from fat per serving. • It contains 42g of carbohydrates per serving. • It contains 5g of protein per serving. • It contains 1.5g of fat per serving. • It contains 13g of dietary fiber and 3g soluble grams per serving. 4. What is the percentage of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium per serving? Is your food a "good" or "excellent" source of these nutrients? Please specify next to each nutrient. Again, please list/specify each nutrient and specific answer separately (8 points). • There is 0% of the DV of Vitamin A per serving; this food is not a good source of this vitamin. • There is 0% of the DV of Vitamin C per serving; this food is not a good source of this…show more content…
Compare the serving size to what you would normally eat. For example, if you food item is a candy bar and you’d typically eat the whole candy bar, yet the serving size is 2 servings (4 points). • The serving size is 1 cup which is around the same amount I would probably eat in a bowl at one sitting. 10. Define nutrient density (4 points). Give two examples of nutrient dense foods (2 points each). • Nutrient density is the relative amount of nutrients per amount of number of calories. 1. Oatmeal 2. Broccoli 11. Define caloric density (4 points). Give two examples of calorie dense foods (2 points each). Be careful here. Check examples in the book before answering! • Caloric density is amount of calories per gram of a food. 1. Avocados 2. Peanut butter 12. Would you consider this a nutrient dense food? Explain (6 points). • Yes, although it lacks in some areas for the most part this food product contains high amounts of nutrients, such as fiber, per amount of calories. That qualifies it for the title of a nutrient dense food. [pic] ----------------------- • There are 160 calories per serving and 8 servings per

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