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In “We’re Fighting Terror but Killing Freedom” by Randall Hamud, we are introduced to the topic of the government acting to persecute any and all Muslims in the United States, even without proper evidence or cause and without regard to any rights for U.S. citizens on United States soil. Hamud discusses his life and upbringing as an Arab American. He then discusses how after September 11 people were being accused of terrorist acts because of their nationality. As an attorney, he represented many other Arab Americans who were accused of terrorism-not because they were his own kind, but because he believed the law had been the first victim of terrorism. He also explains why people should not judge a book by its cover. Although he is an Arab American, Hamud is a very modernized Muslim, does not speak Arabic and possess many mainstream American qualities. I wholeheartedly agree with Hamud’s claims. We live in a world with many different races, nationalities and skin colors. Just because Arabs were responsible for September 11th does not make every single one of them worthy of being targets for persecution. Many people who are white Christian are just as capable of being criminal but their skin color allows them to blend in, making them appear less threatening. Prejudices and basic…show more content…
It is the home of the free and land of the brave. Yet it seems since these attacks, America has repeatedly failed many of our citizens by not protecting them or them being falsely accused. We must realize that there is a greater picture here. If we are so willing to stray from the rules and laws our country is built upon, doesn’t that make us closer to a bigger evil- the dissolution of our nation and government? Quite frankly, that terrifies me. We need to come together as a united front and demand that Americans-all Americans-are treated fairly in the hopes that if we are ever one of a group being looked at under a microscope, the same will be done for

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