The Silent Crisis Analysis

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The Silent Crisis By: Gregory D. Foster Gregory D. Foster wrote an interesting article about crisis persisting within the US Army. We know that a crisis in the life of everyone of us also affects relations with our friends. The worst we can do is: to do nothing. It is clear, there are many reasons of crisis within the US army. Warmonger leaders in the US Army, covered up by TRINITY creates vacuum of control and responsibility, start of Vietnam war - at that time Gulf of Tonkin incident were not quite so controversial, and have been fairly well described. However SIGINT version needs to be told, because without the SIGINT information we have only confused and conflicting testimony of men and equipment involved in the incident; Questionable…show more content…
That is just the top of the glacier. Wars abroad from the USA, thousands of miles away, say nothing to Soldiers and Civilians. In fact most of the Americans don’t even know where these countries lie. To say: “we bring peace, democracy” is a lie. Name at least one country, where the US brought peace, democracy and stability? It is difficult to fight on command, if you don’t believe in your cause. Increasing suicide numbers in US the Army serves as an alarming factor, that something isn’t right, PTSD syndrome, behavioral problems…[6]. Beautiful ideas like freedom, peace, democracy, our cause is right seems so distant and cold compared to the cruel present of nowadays. Just as wars shouldn’t be, so the Soldiers can become forgotten and lost to present and future. Spreading Democracy by war, is the same like spreading Islam by terror. Which cause is the better? None of them, but both of them, draws power from conclusion that only they can make this world a better place for living. At least for short time, let’s leave the Nations of this world to choose their own way, the golden one. Stop seeing ourselves as saviors and let’s clear our own mess in the backyard of our…show more content…
This is the quotation from Doctrine of Armed forces of the United States. Is it really so? Do the leaders of this country want its citizens to live in fear? Or is it easier to justify our goals that way? This quotation states clearly, that danger to US and its allies is all-present; there is no place to even doubt it. Divide and conquer, old Roman saying, dividing nations of the world by bringing chaos and conquering them, that’s the easiest way. If the US, desire to exercise dominion above all nations of this World why not to do it by peaceful way? This beautiful country has much to offer to everyone. Mix of culture, which created new culture in peace and a prosperity is miracle. Offer this miracle to the world, show them way, which holds this country

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