Political Correctness Hasnt Gone Far Enough

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Political Correctness hasn’t gone far enough Today im here to talk to you about whether or not political correctness has gone far enough. There are a number of reasons why political correctness hasn’t gone far enough and it is because political correctness protects people that are from a different race, people who are seen different by society, such as disabled people and people’s religious beliefs. Political correctness breaks the barrier of putting people in different categories and instead people become one and they can respect each other’s differences without controversy. Firstly, I would like to argue the fact that people do not have the right to question and judge the identity others have created for themselves. Andrew Bolt, a writer to the Herald Sun writes, ‘Her father was Swiss, and her mother only part aboriginal. Racially, if these things mattered, she is more Caucasian than anything else.’ This is an example of being politically incorrect. Andrew Bolt attacks and questions an aboriginal woman of her culture. What a person chooses to identify themselves as should only concern them and they should not be called out for it. Even though the woman may have looked more Caucasian than anything else, he had no right to judge her based on her appearance. This could also affect the women and she would have taken offence. Andrew bolt took his freedom of speech too far and used it to put down and discriminate other people, forgetting that everyone is only human and we all have feelings. Political correctness hasn’t gone far enough as it doesn’t protect what people decide to identify them self as without being ridiculed. Andrew Bolt also picks on another person for what image they portray for themselves. He says, ‘No doubt he has aboriginal ancestry, but why does he not also identify with his obvious European background?’ Andrew Bolt has once again questioned another

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