Islam vs Cristanity

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Compare and contrast essay on Islam and Cristanity During the period, of Ramadan which lasted for a month the Muslims fasted; they did not eat or drink anything, while Christians only recommended little food in the period of lent and not fasting. This was meant to help the needy. Charity and generosity had its roots among the Muslims they gave tithes to the poor, for example, the tithe given by Harun al –Rashid was graded among Islam’s 5 pillars. This showed individual charity unlike the organized welfare, a policy among the Christians. The tithe necessity imposed an excellent sense of responsibility unlike the mass contribution among the Christians. Unlike Christian religion, in the Middle East, the Islam came up from monotheistic custom thus inherited sturdy dispositions to spiritual maintenance boundary. They were too flexible in integrating people’s practices, as well as, beliefs among Muslim populace, though it was compared slightly with the religions in Eastern. Their dominant groups consistently rejected the Judaic practices also beliefs. Unlike religions in the Eastern, which peacefully coexisted with supplementary religions, Muslims were monopolistic. It aimed at establishing its locations in certain places. They achieved this by either eliminating or converting those who were not Islamic. Mostly they targeted pagans and no monotheists. Christians took incarnation, Jesus resurrection, and trinity with a lot of seriousness, but Muslim’s did not believe in any of them. Christians do not believe in 3 gods, but a union of three persons God being the head, this trinity concept was normally rejected by the Islam. Christians were perceived as idol worshipers. Christians too worshiping of Jesus and the attributing God’s partners is perceived as idolatry. They differed too in the way they viewed Abraham. For Christians, he was a significant figure of faith, Jesus
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