Westward Expansion Essay

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Westward expansion brought about negative change in America. From economic troubles to harsh stereotypes, expansion has brought more harm than good. Expansion began with the unfair treatment of Native Americans in the 1800s, and lead to economic hardships such as the contamination of groundwater as a result of hydraulic fracturing. Westward Expansion affected the Native Americans’ freedom, safety, and their economy. This is important because although new settlers were gifted with new land and resources, Westward Expansion resulted in controversial disagreements and even more hardships. Native Americans face many issues that threaten their safety even in this modern day society. are not safe, even in our modern-day society. They are used as objects and are displayed as a ‘good luck charm’ for many college universities and sports teams. According to the article, Native American mascots bring more negativity than the luck they are supposed to bring, “…(1) they [mascots] reflect and reinforce stereotypes, (2) they harm Native Americans, and (3) Native Americans do not have control over them,” (IMHTNA). Native Americans are already stereotyped against by having “red skin and feathers in their hair.” Seeing this exact image portrayed by many school mascots reinforces these stereotypes and keeps people thinking close-mindedly. However, it’s not just recently begun to be a problem; Native Americans were treated harshly back in the 1800s as well. The United States government was cruel to Native Americans in more ways than one, “The soldiers attack your villages and kill your women, children, and old people,” (Lakota). In many cases, the United States government had agreed and signed a treaty with the Native Americans, but then had broken the treaty soon after. However, if the Native Americans had disobeyed or broken the treaty, the United States government would
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