Is Change in the World Better? Essay

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The question "Is the world changing for the better?" suggests that progression among human society has brought upon drastic changes for the worse. In other words, global progress is not always beneficial as it initially seems. In my opinion, changes contribute difficult complexities to the world. Consider 8,000 BCE, where men and woman hunted and gathered as means to survive. Since food was scarce, men and woman were forced to work together; this meant that women were just as equal as men. However, as agriculture developed, women were becoming increasingly confined to the home. The idea of social stratification emerged and men were suddenly more important than women. Social inequality is a major flaw in the world today, and it can surely be blamed on the technological progress that is considered to be a breakthrough in global economies. Another example that clearly showcases the downsides of change can be seen in WWII, which started on September 1939. World War II is often credited as the deadliest conflict among humans as it has been suggested that eighty million people suffered fatal conditions. This war mainly relied on many industrial revelations that simplified the ways to raise an army. New industrial techniques, weapons, and successful economy were changes that were key factors in the world's most violent strife. A simple scenario that has occurred countless times is set in the classroom. The minute a new substitute teacher walks into class, the students erupt in chaotic fashion. In my Sophomore year of high school, my English teacher was on maternity left the class with a long-term substitute teacher. The teacher was quite lax and oftentimes, half of the class will not show up. Change usually brings the worst out of people despite the intentions to bring it about. The examples above clearly showcase that changes have not improved global conditions. Social

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