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We Can Be Heroes (2005) is an Australian mockumentary written and created by Chris Lilley. Chris Lilley cleverly portrays five humorous characters; Ja’mie King, Pat Mullins, Nathan and Daniel Sims, Ricky Wong and Phil Olivetti. The series follows these five hopeful nominees for Australian of the Year over a number of weeks, documenting their everyday lives. It is a light heated mocking view on the Australian of the Year process and has come to be a much loved show all over the world. Ja’mie King is a sixteen year old girl who lives on the North Shore of Sydney. She was nominated for Australian Of The Year for her charitable manner and her record holding sponsorships of eighty-five Sudanese children through Global Vision. Ja’mie claims to…show more content…
All five characters are from different walks of life and are very amusing and portrayed so cleverly. We Can Be Heroes has the typical documentary introduction with theme music and a montage of known Australian themes, such as lifesavers on the beach and outback scenes. The theme music is featured throughout the whole series and is used to give more impact to the mood of the plot. An essential part of documentaries used in the series is the over voice of narrator Jennifer Byrne. The narrator gives the comical show a more matter of fact sounding. With these techniques but the fictional subjects We Can Be Heroes has become a much loved and realistic television series. We Can Be Heroes is an entertaining mockumentary created by Chris Lilley, which follows the lives of five nominees for Australian Of The Year; Ja’mie King, Phil Olivetti, , Daniel and Nathan Sims, Ricky Wong and Pat Mullins. From all walks of life the characters have been cleverly portrayed by Chris Lilley. It is a highly loved series and has a hilarious outlook on the Australian Of The Year

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