Girl Scout Cookie Time

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Cookie Time! Informative Speech Outline The purpose of this Speech is to Inform you about how Particpation in membership organizations can benift everyone. * Attention getter: Cookie time! * We all know what girl scout cookies are if you have ever shopped at a grocery store and been accosted by a little girl saying “do you want to buy some Girl Scout cookies” * Introduction: * Hi my name is... and I’m not a soccer mom, I’m a Girl Scout mom. I was one of 880,000 volunteers. * Thesis Statement: * Participation in membership organizations benefits everyone. * Some of the thing I’m going to talk about is: * Main Pionts: * Some of the thing I’m going to talk about is: * History of Girl Scout. * Who Does it benefit * What Girl Scouts do with the money they earned? 1.) History of Scouts * Lord Baden Powell found Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in 1908, in England * In 1911 Juliette Gordon Low met Lord Baden, who inspired her to bring American Girl Guides to the United States. She started the very first Girl Scout troop in Savannah Georgia. The name American Girl Guides was changed the following year to Girl Scouts. * Girl Scouts celebrated their 100th birthday in 2011. * Juliette Low believed that all girls should be given the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. * Every Girl was welcome, no matter who they were or the color of their skin. During her Twenty’s Juliette Low lost her hearing and for this reason she felt it was very important that those with disabilities be included also. * Girl Scout cookies are an icon of American culture. For nearly 100 years Girl Scouts have been selling cookies. * Little Brownie Bakers is the Girl Scout cookie bakery. * Fun facts * Over 4.5 Million
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