Australia In The 1990s Essay

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The 1990s impacted greatly in helping shape the Australian identity as seen through Australia’s fashion, entertainment and American influences at the time. Australia’s fashion in the 90s helped women became more free and confident as they started to expose more skin and wore more casual clothing through influences from other countries. The entertainments in Australia helped shape Australia’s identity of multiculturalism as various forms of entertainment in Australia were either based on other countries’ entertainment or from other countries. American influences have also helped shape Australia’s identity with the many different pop cultures that have been brought to Australia and become a part of Australian’s daily lives. These three aspects…show more content…
Signs of Australia becoming a multicultural nation were everywhere, especially through Australia’s entertainment. This is seen through performances in theatre and pop culture that were either based on other countries entertainment or being shown in Australia. In source 2, a form of entertainment was theatre and not only did Australians enjoy traditional Australian acts in the 90s but they also welcomed acts from foreign companies. This shows how Australia was already starting to become a multicultural nation and Australians accepted and appreciated it which can still be seen currently as much of Australia’s entertainment is influenced by other countries. Another form of entertainment Australians enjoyed at the time was the internet and the computer which many people had in the 90s and used it to look up previous decades of pop culture as shown in source 5. DVDs were also a form of entertainment which replaced VCR’s and were used to watch movies, TV shows and cartoons from the past, at the time which weren’t found in the cinemas or from other countries. With the wide collection of DVDs and the invention of the internet, Australia became more multicultural. Even now, many DVDs are movies or shows from foreign countries which aren’t seen on TV and the use of internet to look up past years of music and pop culture is still prominent. Australia’s TV shows in
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