Was Radio the Most Important Change in Popular Entertainment in the Usa in the 1920's?

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Was the radio the most important change in popular entertainment in the USA in the 1920’s? In the 1920’s popular entertainment boomed and became the latest craze. It mainly affected women because they were able to express themselves and become more independent. It brought about many changes in the way people acted and dressed and their attitude towards life changed. I will be discussing about the different impacts on popular music and explaining why I think although there were many impacts why I think radio had the biggest impact. Radio increased consumerism and changed the schedules of people’s lives. It increased consumerism because everyone household had a radio; it was the focus of people’s lives. We now have TV’s but in the 1920’s people would have changed the schedules just to hear the best show on the radio. It kept everyone up to date with the News, crazes and trends. Jazz became very popular in the 1920s and with the radio people could listen to it in their houses and did not have to go to a jazz club to hear it. Radios helped the economy boom as radios were fairly expensive in the 1920s. At mid-decade (1925), a common table-top variety could run $50-$75 while a cabinet model would be in the $135-$175 range. Models combined with a phonograph ran as high as $250. Also radios offered more opportunities for advertising. Without the radio we would not be where we are at today it was the first step in the new age of technology. Cinema was a big change in America because as everyone had domestic saving devices there was more time for leisure, so more and more people started to go. The first talkie was made in 1927and this was a massive fascination for people and by 1930 more than 10 million cinema tickets had been sold. Like today women and teenage girls became obsessively in love with a certain movie star, the most popular was Rudolph Valentino mainly
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