Radio Propaganda in Ww2

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Propaganda- The spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person. Propaganda has been used throughout history and is still used in media today to sway or persuade a large number of people. The message is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create a chosen result in audience attitudes. Propaganda can be a very powerful tool in influencing large numbers of people, especially in times of war. In World War 2, radio was used as the primary means for spreading propaganda since it had the ability to broadcast over vast distances and to a large audience, making it more useful and more powerful than any other form of media at the time. Both the United States and Nazi Germany used radio propaganda extensively and effectively in World War 2. After World War 1, most Americans believed that energy should be spent at home improving/repairing the country instead of fighting another war oversees. The American government knew that cooperation with its citizens was necessary to go to war, so they began utilizing pro-war propaganda in various forms of media, especially the radio. During World War 2, about 90% of American households had a radio. The radio had a huge impact on bringing information about war and other government issues to the public. With millions of listeners a day, it was the perfect medium for war propaganda. Although it was happening before, the effort of war propaganda in America was not very successful until after the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the Munich Crisis. Before these important events, the public weren’t given clear reasons on why the United States should be involved in the war. Now they had a reason and convincing the public was made easy. Programs such as “We hold these truths” and “This is War!” began to air on the radio, constantly

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