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The Program Director Millions of people tune-in to their favorite radio stations everyday and are entertained, informed, and kept in good company as they go about their daily routines. Radio is powerful medium that has been around since the early 1920's and has proven its ability to prosper and maintain it's position as a viable part of our society. But the task has not been easy. In fact, radio stations in all markets are constantly battling, not only with each other, but also with new technologies and outlets that threaten its very existence. So in reaction to an ever-changing market, radio must constantly evolve and adapt in order to stay in the race. You may be asking yourself, "What's at the end of the race?" Well, the answer is simple: ratings, and there is perhaps no other individual with a greater responsibility to ensure the highest possible ratings, than the Program Director. It's safe to say that most people think that it is the music and the Deejay that makes a radio station popular and while this is true, it is in fact the Program Director's job to manage who and what goes on the air at any given time. In short, the PD's tasks include, but are not limited to, scheduling, hiring on-air talent, developing promotions and contests, supervising talent and production personnel, and most importantly, analyzing the…show more content…
Therefore the role of the PD can be extremely demanding. Failure to keep the ratings up almost always jeopardizes job security. However, the PD is not alone in the management of a radio station. The PD often works in conjunction with a station manager or a director of operations in establishing programming, handling the budget, and the creation of format policies. Once the policies are created it is up to the PD to ensure proper maintenance and execution of

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