Was John F Kennedy A Good President Essay

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One cannot be sure how to exactly judge a president on how well or not he did in his terms as president. Do you judge the character or the things done whether good or bad? For someone like President John F. Kennedy do you judge him on the things he did or simply by the fact that his last name Kennedy had already been so famous before he even stepped in office? But he did make significance by himself too and not only that but ones that still are in affect today. But did the short life of this young president effect the future and what could have been if he was not shot and killed? Would the world have been better if he was able to serve his other term as president? The significance of the brief presidency of John F. Kennedy was not only that…show more content…
During the time he was first elected into office he had a lot on his plate. Never before in history was the entire nation afraid that we were going to invaded on. At that given time the only major issue he needed to put before all was the fear of a nuclear war. In this situation Kennedy showed his true courageous side of him and really stepped up and did his role in protecting his country. Not many know that Kennedy built a relationship with Khrushchev. In fact, Reeves describes Kennedy as “the co-contractor of the Berlin Wall” (p. 97).Kennedy did not believe in resorting to nuclear weapons and he when he found out the true political issue Berlin was having with runaway refugees the two politicians decided to work together. This resulted in the construction of the Berlin Wall. They agreed on the terms that the Soviet Union would take down the missiles targeted at the United States and we could not invade the Soviet Union. Therefore, there wall was the only solution and when that wall went up Kennedy believed that we had no right to control what happens on the other side of that wall because that was not out country. Kennedy did an outstanding thing with all that he actually defused the tensions of a nuclear war occurring. He solved one of the greatest threats the United States has almost had to
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