Rhetoric of Obama's Speech

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"You're either with us or against us”1 Barack Obama is called by many a great politician, though also called a terrible politician by many as well. However, what makes a great politician? Is it someone who can lead a country wisely and safely? Or is it someone who knows how to manipulate people? George Bush spoke the previous quote to other countries in order to force them to enter the war on terror with America. Using the either/or fallacy to corner countries with two options but only with one clear choice. Would Obama go to this level? In his most recent Inaugural Address, he tried to inspire hope in Americans. As Obama was already president at the time of the speech, he did not need to worry about convincing people to vote for him. To the reader, it seems to be reassurance that voters made the right choice. The purpose essay is to inspire “We, the people, will together rebuild our country”. Obama persuasively tries to unite the country so that they may build a better nation and a better life for themselves. Obama uses pathos in stirring an emotional response in paragraph 2. Describing a “little girl born into” a harsh world, how her life would be cruel and bleak. The reader feels a sense of “Would you do that to a little girl?” when reading. Giving a sense of motivation to band together. He also uses the emotion in Americans “we are free”, something America is proud of. He also uses ethos in paragraph 4, trying to move people with the vision of a family with a disabled person in need, with nowhere to turn and in great need. He references The Depression as well, instilling fear for the future. Obama was speaking to many groups while reading his speech. He obviously is addressing his country, speaking the flaws in their society, showing the government plans to fix them. He speaks to the masses, the middle and lower class, telling he knows of
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