President Of The United States:julius Or Brutus

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Think about the Presidents of the United States. George Washington? Abraham Lincoln? John F. Kennedy? Barack Obama? They were and still leaders, voices of change. Presidents share their dreams and passions. Each president created a lasting legacy living a life of significance. Most importantly they had leadership qualities. They communicated, problem solved, showed respect and used teamwork. By using their leadership qualities they created change to improve society. Their personal eagerness to change the world made a huge difference to support good change that forever changed what we call the United States of America. Based on reading Julius Caesar I learned that neither Marc Antony nor Julius Caesar would make a good president of the United States. I believe Brutus will. Although Marc Antony and Julius Caesar had great leadership qualities I believe they did not have good morals or enough strength and courage to handle the power. In Julius Caesar, Brutus was known as being noble and always thinking of the good of Rome. If Brutus became president of the United States he would make sure everyone is treated fairly and with honestly. Brutus would use team working with everyone and even the citizens to accomplish more goals which allowed everyone to live comfortably. He would use the energy of politicians, mayors, governors, and even the average five to nine worker. By involving everyone Brutus would be able to address problems and achieve goals. By making sure everyone is treated fairly and honestly he would be able to create a common vision and bring out the best in everyone. By being the president of the United States it’s crucial that the leader will protect all of the citizens from harm from anyone who may try to harm their country. In Julius Caesar, Brutus faced two problems to choose between: Rome or the death of his beloved friend, Julius
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