Lbj vs. Jfk

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Xavier Durham 3-24-13 LBJ and The JFK Assassination Mr. McCrystal US His II LBJ vs. JFK: The Assassination In November of 1963, the loved, effective, attractive, and quite young President John F. Kennedy was shot it the head while driving in his motorcade through the streets of Dallas. In September of 1964, after a ten-month investigation, the Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was acting alone when he shot Kennedy and that Jack Ruby was also acting alone in the shooting of Oswald. However, in polls from 1966 on, it was found that over 80 percent of Americans believed that there was a some sort of conspiracy other than the single shooter theory that caused the death of President JFK. One of these many believed conspiracies is that Vice President Lynden B. Johnson was involved in the death of the President. This theory is not as totally outlandish as it may initially seem. Of course when first hearing it, one could wonder why would the man so close to the president and in a seat of such power have the president killed. Well, although the vice president is supposed to protect the president, LBJ definitely had his reasons for wanting JFK assassinated. Firstly, with Robert Kennedy as the Attorney General, LBJ who had been in politics for a long time did not want some young lawyer who was new to the position and didn’t quite know how to do the job yet. Also, there may have been a great fear of a Kennedy dynasty. With John F. Kennedy already moving strongly toward a reelection, and his brother seeming to be a very strong candidate for election after the end of JFK’s second term, LBJ could have developed a relevant fear of the first legitimate presidential dynasty. One last motive could have also been quite simply that LBJ was power hungry and wanted the presidential seat for himself, which he successfully achieved. Aside from all of these
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