The Manhattan Project: The Creation Of The Atomic Bomb

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During the most turbulent time in our history, America needed to undertake it's greatest challenge with limited time and under the most secretive conditions. The challenge would require the world’s greatest minds to come together as a group to create the world’s most destructive weapon known to man. The Manhattan Project required such secrecy, that not even he scientists involved were not informed of the full scope of the project. Their knowledge would be limited to their specific areas of expertise. In order to end the conflict of the World War II, a weapon that surpassed all other conventional weapons of that time would need to be created. In 1939, rumors of Nazi Germany pursuit to manufacture an atomic bomb and insure their victory in the war terrified the scientist that sought refuge in America. It also heightened the urgency for America to create the atomic bomb first. Albert Einstein was the one of those refugee scientists that was alerted to Germany's intent and wrote letters…show more content…
Upon learning the full scope of what the results if the Manhattan Project was successful, General Groves was so shocked, at first, he wanted nothing to do with command. However after reflecting and seeing beyond the moment, as leaders must do, he realized that the power of an atomic bomb in the right hands could end the war once and for all (McKain 21). On September 1942, General Leslie Grove became officer in charge of the Manhattan Project and along with Oppenheimer agreed the project required an isolated area, so the first informative action was purchasing the Oak Ridge complex so workers could attempt to separate two isotopes of uranium. This decision allowed the Atomic bomb to be made more efficient and at a reduced cost (Beyer 50). Oak Ridge became the center where all of the different segments could be assembled and test the power of the atomic
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