Walmart Competitive Advantage

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Introduction This paper will be taking an in-depth look into the way change management has been handle at Walmart. Walmart is the world’s largest employer in the United States. It currently has over 2 million employees worldwide. Of that, almost 1.5 million are in the United States. Currently, the company has 4300 stores in the United States, and an additional 4100 stores internationally I started my career as a cart pusher when I was only 16 years old. I worked my way up through the organization to my currently position. I am currently a Store Manager at a brand new Walmart Supercenter in Dayton, Ohio. I am responsible for 350 hourly associates, 11 salaried managers, and approximately $80 million in annual sales. As the company has grown and evolved, it has become apparent that the store operations needed to change in order to allow the store to become more efficient. The company really started to focus on this about 2 years ago. However, instead of rolling out the new changes and structures in a timely order, the company has decided to make a lot of extreme changes very quickly. This has caused some of the nearly 2 million hourly associates to become very detached and dissatisfied in their position. Problem Statement The company is changing its in store structure to make it more efficient. While doing so, it is confusing the hourly associate, as their jobs seem to be changing daily. I feel it has caused the stores to do the opposite, and become less productive and efficient, as well as cause job dissatisfaction. I feel this is a problem with the associates, as well as the future success of the company. The changes are causing the Managers and Associates to feel they are not be valued, and this could potential cause a loss of talent to competitors. In the economy we have today, the company is risking the

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