Cobot Pharmaceuticals Inc. Case Study

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Logan Galberach 3 December 2014 Sales Management 001 Cabot Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Case Study This case deals with a pharmaceutical salesman named Bob Marsh. Marsh has been employed for 12 years by Cabot Pharmaceuticals before being asked to resign. Throughout his career path, Bob faced several different conflicts between providing an excellent service for his client, and having to satisfy the management team in his company. After his termination, Marsh’s customers started to complain and the companies vice president of sales was asked to investigate the situation. I believe the key issue with Marsh’s performance is the constant changes in district managers for Marsh to report to. As a district manager, it is your responsibility to know what works and what doesn’t work for each salesman. The constant changes never give any manager a change to really get to know their salesmen. Every salesperson may not be motivated by the same things. What works for one salesman may not work for another. Some may like recognition and some may not. There are many different things you need to learn about each salesman before you can effectively manage them, and that takes time. It is also not fair to the salesman to have to keep reporting to a different district manager each time they are replaced. This will cause a lack of consistency in teaching from the management side and discipline of the employee in balancing both clients and management. Every district manager might not have the same goals for each salesman. District managers may have different expectations on how the salesman should perform during a sales call. This could be why each manager had different records of Marsh’s performance written down in the reports. When Marsh started working with Ted Franklin, it made a negative impact on his attitude towards his career. I believe that it was not smart to have Marsh

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