Vulnerable Populations Essay

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Vulnerable Population Barbara May NUR/440 November 19,2012 University of Phoenix Vulnerable Population The article that I chose has two different vulnerable populations that it discusses, that being the elderly and inmates. According to Potter et al (2007) “Providing healthcare to people with multiple, chronic or complex health concerns is therefore even more problematic”(2007). The older in the prison is the age of 50, which this is not considered to be old in the general society, it is in the inmate population, and the ageing process begins earlier. The older inmate population in the prison settings often presents with healthcare needs and, as the number of older people in prison is steadily increasing, even greater pressure will be placed on correctional and health staff to adequately meet the needs of these inmates. Vulnerable populations include the working poor, racial and ethnic minorities, the uninsured, children, the elderly, the homeless, those chronic health conditions, including HIV/AIDS, not to mention severe mental illness. It may also include rural residents, who often encounter barriers to accessing healthcare services. The vulnerability of these individuals is enhanced by race, ethnicity, age, sex, and factors such as income, lack of insurance coverage. Their health and healthcare problems overlap with social factors, including inadequate housing, poverty, and poor education. According to a Department of Justice report, prisoners enter the system and bring with them “infectious diseases from underprivileged home environments that are breeding grounds for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis, the three most prevalent communicable diseases in America’s prisons today.” There is a misunderstanding that when a person commits a crime and goes to prison, he or she surrenders all rights. In fact, while being held in custody and awaiting
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