Vulnerable Population Research Paper

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NUR 440 Health Assessments and Promotion of Vulnerable Population
August 29, 2011
Kim Hall

Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper
Identifying the Vulnerable Population and Their Demographics
Effective health care is dependent on understanding vulnerable individuals and populations with respect to biases and prejudices of health care providers. According to de Chesnay (2008), “Vulnerability is a general concept meaning susceptibility, and its specific connotation in terms of healthcare is at risk for health problems” (p. 3).The older adult populations will more than double by 2025 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2005). As the elderly population increases, it is imperative to understand the influence on the family, healthcare
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The attention from national health organizations, healthcare providers and national media is creating awareness in the minds of Americans who cannot be ignored. I work with this population in a continuum that I had noticed their increasing numbers, but was not aware of the difficulties that this population is facing concerning health, lifestyle, and self-care requirements. My perception was of the agricultural and rural family unit, where multiple generations resided together. I grew up in this sort of family unit; our family lived with my grandparents until I was in the fourth grade. When they became unable to care for themselves, they moved in with our…show more content…
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