Vegetarianism And The Other Weight Problem

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Sid Corrigan English 185 Final Exam 12/11/14 In my household, we never had any pets because we were always traveling, and it wasn’t fair to the animal to always be locked up. Even after many years of begging we never ended up with any sort of pet except for the zoo animals behind our house. In our world, today animals play a huge role in most people's lives. Whether it is entertainment, food, products or pets, animals are all around us. In most cases the animals are treated as members of the family, but what about the animal’s that aren’t kept as pets? We use animals in all sorts of ways to benefit the human race from science to beauty products to food. Humans are defined “by our upright stance, large brains, manual dexterity, complex…show more content…
Pets, animal performers, animals in zoos, even the animals that are being raised for slaughter are mistreated up until death. James Rachels author of “Vegetarianism and ‘The Other Weight Problem’” provides us with a look at why eating meat is morally wrong. Rachels offers many arguments as to why we should not eat meat, but none stronger than the mistreatment of the animals. Even though humans know animals are raised for slaughter we overlook it, but “readily identified with a tortured dog or horse and respond with great sensitivity”…show more content…
We see our pets as members of the family and cannot remember life without them in it. The treatment of animals says a lot about us and other people because “he who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealing with man” (Rachels). Cruelty to animals and violence towards people share common characteristics, for example, both types of victims are living creatures, feel pain and experience distress, and may die from their injuries. People who abuse animals are not only dangerous to their animal victims but may also be hazardous to

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