The Banning of Pit Bulls

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Exemplification Essay Banning Pit Bulls is wrong There is a lot of controversy about the Pit Bull breed and whether or not they should be banned in certain cities. I completely understand the fear that many people may have concerning these dogs. For these dogs are very strong and powerful by nature. Amongst all the controversy about the Pit Bull breed and whether or not they should be banned, I have formed my own educated opinion: Pit Bulls should not be banned. Why should we punish the dogs for the way they are being raised and trained? The image the general public has about Pit Bulls is based on media bias and pure myth. They are not the monsters the media paints. I’ve been around Pit Bulls long enough to know they are one of the sweetest breeds. Of course Pit Bulls have attacked people, but the same goes for all other breeds. A Pit Bull is no different than any other breed of dog in that sense. However, when other breeds attack, it doesn’t get blown up in the media. Aggression towards humans is not an inherit trait of the Pit Bull. The ones who do attack represent a very small proportion of the Pit Bull population. They are the Pit Bulls who are raised by owners who are irresponsible and only breed and train them to fight. There are three main reasons why I don’t believe it’s right to ban the Pit Bull breed. The first is my own experience with my Pit Bull, Petey. The second is the studied facts about their temperament as a breed. And the third is the benefits of protection and loyalty they can provide. Petey is my other baby in my home. He is a two year old American Pit Bull Terrier. He got his name from the famous Pit Bull off of the show Little Rascals; he looks just like him with the black spot around his eye. He’s the sweetest dog I have ever owned. He always wants to be by my side just to show me he cares. Petey is always aiming and

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