Values and Ethnical Decision Making

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Values and Ethnical Decision Making The ethics awareness inventory refers to a series of broad characterizations representing four prominent categories of ethical philosophy. These descriptions are used to analyze some of the characteristics of an individual’s own perspective on ethics. Team A will evaluate personal values, organizational values, and ethnical decision making of Walmart Corporation. The team will discuss one team member’s results from the inventory and how the results align and do not align with the organization selected. Within this paper, the team will describe a scenario where the selected team member would make a different ethnical decision from the organization. An explanation of the decision making process the selected team member would go through to make the ethnical decision based on his or her values; and the likely decision making process the organization would go through to make the ethnical decision based on the company’s values. The supporting information will be obtained from the Internet and the course books. Scenario Walmart Corporation has several higher management level openings. The jobs were posted on the board and are open to all employees who meet the qualifications. The qualifications stated that the individual has to have at least a bachelor of science in some sort of business education, supervisory experience, good written and oral communication skills, and leadership abilities. The human resources department manager is a man by the name of Jason Brooks. Mr. Brooks is known for not wanting to promote women to the higher management teams. A young lady by the name of Karen Matthews applied for one of the management positions. Karen is currently a supervisor of 10 years with the company, has her Masters in Business Administration, excellent communication skills, and very strong leadership skills. Ms.

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