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PERSONAL VALUE PRESENTATION: My Personal Value Presentation, Fatorma Bolley Mgt 521 Week 6 Assignment Dr. Homer Jamasbi University of Phoenix at Philadelphia Introduction “In today’s world the boundaries between different disciplines become increasingly blurred. The rational and dry business realm is being slowly permeated by the softer and more fluid psychology and sociology. The role of values and the set of ethical criteria of the decision makers become increasingly relevant in a modern business research. One of the most popular tools is the William Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory assessment (WIEM, 2003).”1 The purpose of this paper is to identify my personal value alignment with that of Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) values as an organization and how my personal value would affect my performance if I had managed KFF. In other words, my value versus Kudler Fine Foods. The WIEM was used as a yard stick for this measurement as follows. The William Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory assessment helped me to determine what core beliefs that under lied my ethical decisions. The assessment provided me insight into general views and approaches with regards to ethical issues. I took character, obligation, result, and equity and put them into an order from the most closely aligned to the least closely aligned to my value. The summary of my paper will show how ethical decisions-making involves two components-awareness articulation and application. It also provides the values that the management team should place on organization such as Kudler Find Foods Chain; management style, hiring and promotion practices and customer service. Personal Values The William’s Institute for Ethics and Management self-assessment result shows that I am most closely aligned with “result” and least closely aligned with “equity.” After carefully reviewing

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