Management 340 Petries Electronics Chapter 5 Case Questions

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MGMT 340 09/20/2015 Week3 Petrie’s Electronics Chapter 5 Case Questions 1. Information was collected by a vast directory. Jim and the marketing group utilized interviews from stakeholders related to the businesses they targeted. Trade journals, other companies that used the companies the group was researching, various vendors, marketing departments, and possibly even customers. The most information the group can collect from company can result in a better decision on a company that can assist with quality versus price options and customer support of products in demand. 3. If one was looking for alternative approaches for Petrie’s customer loyalty program, I would start with each company’s websites. One can obtain customers that have used them and talked with their clients, and look at their track record including customer satisfaction. From there I would narrow the finalists to the top two or three depending on statistics needed to make an informed decision on which company to use. I would know if I was finished when the remaining businesses are within reach, and just need a decision to make sure our program was accurately completed with positive qualities. 5. Petrie’s staff should not build their own unique system in-house because there are various systems available that possess the ability to meet all their company needs. There is no need to spend more money on a project that is already completed and available. It would prove cheaper to purchase a finished system and manipulate it to Petrie’s needs. It would only be a matter of locating and installing the best format with the most ease of use. Petrie’s Electronics Chapter 6 Case Questions 1. I do not believe the DFD’s in PE Figures 6-1 and 6-2 are balanced. Figure 6-1, the context diagram shows us that the source of information, the customer has two inputs. The inputs are purchases and coupons.

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