Business Level 3 Unit 15 P1

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Introduction: For this assignment unit 15 I will be completing one task which will be P1, whereas in this task I will be identifying the sources of information related to my chosen career path for my future. Source Of Information | Findings | Date of Completion | Business Accountant: Job Description and Career Information. * | A business accountant always focuses on how they will accomplish the business goals, to ensure everything is done correctly and properly within the organisation. Most accountants work in offices and work long working hours as they have to ensure all the finances in the business has been calculated accurately to know here or not the business is…show more content…
* * | To become an accountant, it would be more appropriate if I graduated from the best business school, but therefore if it is not I will then have to a business course before I start to apply to study business accountant in the future.Also, the average salary an accountant can earn per year will be £27,578 per year. Therefore people in this job generally don't have more than 20 years' experience. | 28/09/14…show more content…
* | The skills and experience I will gain through studying business accountants is that with my extra curriculum, the degree will help me stand out and beat my competitors in the workplace. The activities will involve part-jobs, attending special lecture or voluntary work. After I finished I would have gained employed in a range of jobs such as HR management, business operations and financial management. Therefore University of London School of Economics and Political Science requires 280 traffic point and BTEC National Diploma (18units). As this course will require a 3 year as a full-time student and the qualification you will be working towards is a BA (Hons). And I can be able to achieve these grades once I take my work serious in what I am going to achieve for my future. | 05/10/14 | In report, I did my research to find out more information about my course that I would like to study and work in the future as. I found they requirement, experience needed to follow my career and the annual salary for business accountant I’ve looked at different universities to make sure I meet the requirement given to me on the UCAS website so I could take a further step to my future job and study it more after I finish with getting knowledge with the basic business knowledge that I will need. And I also find out how many years I will need to complete

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