Using Material from Item a and Elsewhere Assess the View That the Education System Exists Mainly to Prepare Young People for Their Future Work Roles.

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Sociology Education assignment 1 Using material from item A and elsewhere assess the view that the education system exists mainly to prepare young people for their future work roles. (20 marks) Functionalist would agree with the original statement they see the education system as performing useful functions for society there are four that are thought as the most important they are maintaining social solidarity, teaching specialised skills, secondary socialisation and role allocation. On the other hand Marxists believe the education system is an ideological state apparatus. Marxists also believe there is a correspondence between school and work and of the counter school culture. Functionalism is a sociological theory society has certain basic needs the most important of which is social order. Without order society would fall apart. Functionalist Emile Durkheim argues that social solidarity and social unity is essential for the survival of society. Social solidarity is based on ‘essential similarities’ between members of society. According to Durkheim, one of the main functions of education is to develop these similarities to bind members of society together. Durkheim sees a common history as vital for uniting members of society. With a shared history, people feel part of a wider social group – it is their country, made up of people like themselves. In this way, education contributes to the development of social solidarity. Industrial society has a specialised division of labour – people have specialised jobs with specific skill and knowledge requirements. For example the skills and knowledge required by plumbers, electricians, teachers and doctors are very different. In preindustrial societies there were fewer specialised occupations. Occupational skills were often passed from parents to children. According to Durkheim the specialised division of labour in
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