Functionalist Theory Essay

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Functioning is all a part of life but, can it work in a sociologist standpoint? According to the You May Ask Yourself by Dalton Conley its possible. Throughout Colney’s works in chapter one he explains three major theories. Including the Functionalist theory, conflict theory, and Symbolic Interaction. In the position as a student of sociology, I believe the Functionalist theory best describes society. The functionalist theory is viewed to sociologist as society to a living organism. Each part serves an important role in keeping society together. Many sociologist classify this theory as macro-level; large in scale. Including social institutions, a system of behavioral and relationship patterns, having specific roles to perform to make society. I believe the Functionalist theory best describes society. Personally I believe society can only be stable through social order. Including that part is primarily institutions of society. Amongst family, community, religion, academia, business, media, and government are all equal but, when one gains predominance tyranny always emerges. Family ensures responsible citizens, preserve society, and balance desires of individual liberty. Therefore, preventing the centralization of power by keeping responsibility and decision-making close to the people in the community. Religion serves as a venue for citizens and their duties to and reliance on God. Along with academia advances culture through knowledge, helps to prevent sociology economic inequalities as it breaks through boundaries of human ignorance and fear. In result helps socie4ties to avoid repeated historical mistakes and serves as a check on the government by keeping citizens informed of civic affairs. Business provides exchange, commerce, and ultimately widespread prosperity. Through a free market economy prices often decrease in competition and innovation. Also
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