Use of Technology to Manage Work Priorities and Commitments

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Use of technology to manage work priorities and commitments, Is that true? The pros and cons Report Prepared for wwwwwwwwwwwwww UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Prepared by PONY April, 2015 Contents Introduction 3 Use of computers 3 Use of internet 3 Pros 3 Saving Money 3 Saving Time 3 Keeping you Organized 4 Environmentally Friendly 4 Cons 4 Limited Coverage of Communications Services 4 Security of data travelling the internet. 4 Power blackouts 4 System breakdown 4 Need to Continuous Upgrade 4 Overview 4 Conclusions 4 Recomendations 5 References 5 Introduction The following report is aimed to discuss some benefits and drawbacks of the use of technology to manage work priorities and commitments. In the following lines we are to explore the advantages obtained while using technology to avoid travelling and commuting taking them from the account of stressing factors to achieve an adequate work / life balance. The report is a result of studying and comparing the ideas expressed in a small compilation of articles and self opinion on the arguments presented by them, and is not intended to be an exhaustive discussion on the topic but just an approach to the topic. There are pros and cons in use of technology to manage work priorities. There are a wide range of applications to help to keep track on progress of the work we do and a diversity of equipment which let us communicate, transfer, keep an share information and documents in an effortless and quick way. These advantages empower us to manage our time to achieve a better work/life balance. For our discussion purpose we assume that there is technology widely available to use, and could be used better, to achieve a productive and enjoyable life all around the world. Use of computers Computers had become accessible to everyone if you can’t afford to buy a computer there are

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