Human Services Disadvantages

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Abstract Technology's purpose should be to provide support and help improve people's and organization's lives. Even though there are positive and negative sides to its use, it is important to see technology as an empowerment tool. Human Services organizations face day to day challenges while trying to help people to develop and achieve better-living conditions. In this regard, software can be an enhancer of objectives they pursue. There are advantages and some disadvantages when implementing this kind of instrument, but in the end, the success and extent of the use of technology depends on the particular organization's needs and demands. This text's purpose is to discuss some market software products and ideas about possible challenges that could arise while implementing them within the organization. Software for Human Services Organizations…show more content…
Some people see the use of technology as a useful tool, that enhances productivity and serves as a complement to human tasks while others believe that technology can make processes more complicated or that eventually in the worst case scenario, it can replace a person's job. Even though both sides have supporters and detractors, the truth is that every day we are surrounded by more and more technologies and we must adapt to make the best out of the situation if we want to remain competitive within our organizations. Whether the case is if we will actually incorporate its use, or that we will continue to be as manual and handy as possible while recognizing that even the most simple forms of technology can help us to achieve better results and make our lives easier (e.g. the possibility of using a mobile phone anywhere vs. only being able to communicate through a land
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