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In every research, it is important to decide the design of the study. A good study design allows the research operations to work smoothly. Research design conveys an essential impact on the reliability of the outcomes attained. Planning of design must be completed mindfully as even a little mix-up might botch up the motivation behind the whole project. The plan helps the researcher to compose his thoughts, which helps to recognize and fix his faults, if any. Based on the Research Methods book written by Dr Chua Yan Piaw, he stated that there are two types of research design which are experimental research and non-experimental research design. For our study, we have chosen experimental research design and to be specific we use Factorial Design…show more content…
There are numerous statistical tests and measures to assess the validity of quantitative instruments, which generally involves pilot testing. 3.2.2 Reliability The second measure of quality in a quantitative study is reliability, or the accuracy of an instrument. In other words, the extent to which a research instrument consistently has the same results if it is used in the same situation on repeated occasions. Reliability relates to the consistency of a measure. A participant completing an instrument meant to measure motivation should have approximately the same responses each time the test is completed. Although it is not possible to give an exact calculation of reliability, an estimate of reliability can be achieved through different measures. Since we are using quantitative approach in our research, we choose the Cronbach’s alpha method to measure the reliability of this study. Alpha was developed by Lee Cronbach in 1951 to provide a measure of the internal consistency of a test or scale. Inside consistency portrays the degree to which every one of the items in a test measure a similar idea or build and subsequently it is associated with the between relatedness of the things inside the test. Internal consistency ought to be resolved before a test can be utilized for research or examination purposes to ensure validity. What's more, reliability estimates show the…show more content…
A pre-test is usually conducted in order to increase the validity and reliability of the research item. Questionnaire will be given to 50 students that studied at UiTM Puncak Perdana, which were not selected as respondent for the research sample. This test is conducted to evaluate the questions. Subjects are required to ask questions if there are any doubts regarding the measurement items. The result which are the comments from the experts will be improved in the questionnaire and retype them. In our research, students of UiTM Puncak Perdana will be the subject for this pre-test because they have more knowledge and they are not the main subject for this

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