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Knowledge Questions Unit CU681 Improve Own Performance in a Business Environment Outcome 1 - Understand how to improve own performance 1. Explain the purpose and benefits of continuously improving performance at work The purpose of improving performance at work is to gain new or extended knowledge which can be helpful toward improving the quality of work you do. If you want to progress in your job e.g. promotions etc. constantly improving how you work is not only good for gaining knowledge but for your own self-worth and confidence and how other people perceive you e.g. when applying for another job or promotion your manager maybe be asked to comment on the way you have worked for them. I find that gaining extra knowledge makes me feel good about myself but also helps me assist other people in the workplace. 1.2 Explain the purpose and benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback from others Accepting feedback from other people is a desirable ability in the work place especially when working in a team. By listening to people’s feedback not only can you find better ways of working increasing your speed and efficiency but you can work with other people to build upon ideas. 1.3 Explain how learning and development can improve own work, benefit organisations and identify career options Learning and development can improve your own work by increasing speed and efficiency and persons own knowledge base. This can benefit the company because you are less likely to make mistakes which not only saves you time but other people that may be asked to help you rectify the mistake and also having to repeat work. This will bring down costs to the company and the quality of work you hand in will be better. For example the data quality department of the hospital’s motto is “GETTING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME” as getting something such as patients information can have large
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